Sanatan Dharam Sabha, Taiping, Malaysia

After more than 70 years, the original Taiping Shiv Temple building was in dire need of major renovations and repairs. The deteriorating condition of the old building, together with the changing needs of the expanding community, spurred the Management Committee to embark on an ambitious project in April 2008 to redevelop the temple complex and to reconstruct the building.

A Building Reconstruction Task Force was formed; plans were drawn up for the reconstruction of the premises; new marble moorthis were ordered from India; a Building Fund was set up; and the contract for the construction and renovation works was awarded to a local contractor in Taiping.

Before any construction work began, a ground-breaking prayer or bhoomi pooja was conducted to solicit the blessings of the Lord.

And a final word with the contractors before they get to work.............

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