Sanatan Dharam Sabha, Taiping, Malaysia

The Taiping Shiv Temple was established in 1936 by members of the local Hindu (Punjabi, Sindhi and Gujerati) community as a centre for their religious activities. Since then, the temple has served the needs of the devotees of Lord Shivji not only in Taiping but also throughout the whole of Malaysia and Singapore.

A memorable pose by some prominent members of the temple community

A view of the plaque marking the establishment of the temple in 1936

It has become well-known for its annual Shivratri festival which is celebrated with much pomp and splendour. Presently, the Taiping Shiv Temple is managed by the Sanatan Dharam Sabha, Taiping, and an in-house priest is available to conduct prayers and ceremonies.

A front view of the old temple building

A side view of the old temple building

A rear view of the old temple building

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