SS19/4G&4H Subang Jaya

Useful Phone Numbers
Police / Ambulance:
Fire Department:
Emergency (Handphone):
Balai Polis SS17:
Balai Polis USJ8:
Balai Polis Bandar Sunway:
Balai Polis Putra Heights:
IPD Polis Subang Jaya:
IPD Polis Shah Alam:
55102222, 55102220
Subang Jaya Medical Centre:
Sunway Medical Centre:
UMMC (University Hospital):
Majlis Perbandaran S. Jaya:
80263131, 56376545
SYABAS (Complaints):
22831111, 77812333
TNB (Breakdown):
15454, 18008999
Alam Flora:
78748433, 1800880880

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Tips on Home Security
Poor home security makes the job easier for the burglar. The worst part of a burglary is the feeling of having your home 'violated'. So stay one step ahead of the burglar, and act to foil the crime.

  • It's a smart habit to lock the doors and windows of your house.
  • Always have your home looking as if it is "lived in". Leave one or two lights on if you are going out at night. An automatic timer can be very useful for turning on lights or even a radio or ceiling fan. If you are going to be away from home for a longer period, get a neighbour to pick up your mail and newspaper daily. If possible, arrange for your lawn to be maintained and for the curtains to be drawn at night.
  • Make sure that your doors have good locks. Also make sure that sliding doors cannot be lifted off the lower track.
  • All exterior doors should be of a solid-core construction and 4.5 cm thick. Avoid hollow-core and glass doors.
  • Never open the door without knowing who is on the outside.
  • Install backup locks or grilles for all your windows.
  • Turn on your front and back lights at night to increase visibility. This acts as a deterrent for burglars.
  • It's good to invest in a security alarm system for the home.
  • In case of a burglary, do not enter the house, but call the police using a handphone. Do not touch anything while waiting for the police to arrive.

Preventing Car Theft
  • Always lock your car and pocket the keys
  • Never leave your car running unattended
  • Avoid parking in lonely and isolated spots
  • Completely close the car windows, including sunroof, when parking
  • Do not leave or hide an extra set of your car keys in the vehicle
  • Keep your registration and insurance documents secure
  • If possible, park your car in the garage
  • Park with your wheels turned towards the curb
  • Remove portable accessories from your car
  • Activate your vehicle's security alarm system

Avoid Situations of Risk
  • Get to know your neighbours, and work hand-in-hand with them
  • Identify visitors before opening your door
  • Do not open your door to strangers
  • Do not allow strangers to use your phone; offer to make the call yourself
  • Have emergency telephone numbers available near your phone
  • Make sure that all entrances to your home are well lit
  • Have your keys ready as you approach the door of your house
  • Do not hide spare keys outside your house
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Be alert in parking lots and elevators
  • Avoid dark or secluded streets
  • Ensure that there are security measures to protect your personal information on the internet
  • Keep your vehicle locked when you are driving or when parked
  • Have your keys ready when approaching your parked car
  • Check the inside of your car before entering
  • If you are being followed while driving, head for a police station or a busy public area
  • Note the licence plate number and make of the car that is following you
  • Park in well lit areas
  • Be observant and alert, especially in parking lots
  • Keep your vehicle in good working order
  • If your vehicle breaks down, be careful who you accept assistance from
  • If possible, carry a handphone with you
  • Be assertive when walking and try not to appear initimidated or vulnerable
  • Walk with a companion if being alone puts you at risk
  • Stay on busier, well-lit streets, and avoid dark or concealed areas
  • Be cautious of parked cars - they are not always empty
  • Never hitchhike