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Ravindra Singh |
I visited this temple in 2001 when i was on business trip to KL, its really nice temple also I want to visit again as I am planning to visit KL .
3 July 2009 05:55:33 - Kharkov,Ukraine

Rajeswari |
Happy to join and become a member, would like to learn hindi ,as i am planning to settle in either Gujarat or Madypradesh. I would like to learn more on prayers and get to know all activities.
3 December 2008 05:37:14 - Malaysia

Sangeeta |
I have never been to you temple as I live outside Malaysia but I look forward to coming here in May 09.especially auspicious as I will be getting married here! I can't wait. I enjoyed reading the events you hold, the jokes and seeing the pictures of the deities.
30 September 2008 17:26:44 - India/UK

Mahendra Prasad Rai |
I visited the Temple for the first time in 2006 and was wholly impressed from the outset. It is such a beautiful, serene and spacious temple that all Hindus can be proud of. Just a short round at the prayer altar substantially rekindled my spititual fervour with God. Credit must be given to all who contributed to its construction, and its continued sustainance and maintenance since then. Keep up the good work. A visit to the Temple is an important itinerary in all my visits to KL.
18 August 2008 01:21:51 - Singapore

Vipin Sharma |
I was in malaysia for 2 years. During my stay there i kept going there every Sunday. It is really very-very nice temple. Moreover the prayers & bhajans they used to sing there. I felt glad when i saw so many Hindu devotees praying there. I am very impressed with the management of this temple. People can see an example of good management in this temple. Cause now i am in India and i always miss the moments i spent in that temple. Could anyone send me the prayer used to sing there during prasadi? Ram Prasadi pao. May God Bless all the Devotees.
8 May 2008 17:52:36 - India

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