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Links for Dad
All work and no play makes Dad a dull guy. It's only fair to also have something interesting and exciting for Dad.
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  • Tei's Random Joke Server

  • Links for Mum
    Mum would also like a break from her household chores. But she would prefer to wander through territory that is more in line with her feminine interests.
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  • Women's Health Hotline
  • Veggies Unite!

  • Links for the Kids
    Here's something especially for kids of all ages - ranging from toddlers to teenagers - and for those of us adults who feel young at heart.
  • Virtual Tourist II
  • Franklin Institute Science Museum
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  • Carlo's Coloring Book
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  • Welcome to Malaysia
    Selamat Datang means Welcome in Bahasa Malaysia, the national language of Malaysia, a nation of unlimited variety, boasting of a potpourri of people, cultures, languages and religions, a diverse spectrum blending harmoniously to give a single ray of Malaysian light.
  • Country and Travel Information
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  • 'The Star' Newspaper

  • Links for Doctors
    Graduation with a medical degree is not the end of medical education. Medicine is a life-long course. Every patient and every clinical situation is a learning experience. A doctor has to keep pace with the explosive proliferation of knowledge.
  • The Doctors' Page
  • The Human Gene Map
  • Online Dissector
  • Virtual Hospital
  • The Internet Pathology Laboratory
  • The British Medical Journal
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • JAMA
  • Textbook of Dermatology

  • Understanding Religion


    The family is one of the oldest and most important human institutions. Most of us grow up in a family and then establish a family of our own.

    The family unit provides economic support for its members, safeguards the health of each individual, meets the needs of the young for protection and training, and ensures that social and cultural values are instilled in the children. The family environment also offers social and emotional support, affection and a sense of belonging.

    The various members of the family have their own special roles to play in fulfilling the dreams and visions of its members individually and as a family unit.

    Parents want the best for their children. No parents in their right senses would like to see their children go astray. Parents have to play their role in providing for and looking after their children to the best of their ability. Parents also have to inculcate good moral and spiritual values in their offspring.

    • Shower your kids with lots of love
    • Show respect for your children
    • Listen to the kids
    • Try to understand your children
    • Draw the limits very clearly
    • Show a good example
    • Get support from others when necessary
    • Add fun to your lives
    • Try to learn from your children
    • Be realistic about expectations and instill self-confidence

    The children cannot just be passive members of the family. It is important that the children also identify their role and play it effectively with guidance from their parents and teachers. The young members of the family must avoid deviating from the right path by basing their activities and lifestyle on a certain code of conduct.

       I shall be obedient, honest, loyal and respectful to my parents and teachers

       I shall study hard with full concentration of mind

       I shall avoid indulging in undesirable and unhealthy activities

       I shall select my friends carefully and keep away from bad company

       I shall try to be very clear about what is good and bad and what is right and wrong

       I shall have a mind of my own and shall not be easily misled by others

       I have an ambition and have set certain goals which I am determined to achieve in life

       I shall not have an idle mind

       I shall persevere to succeed, accepting every failure as a stepping stone to success

       I believe in God and shall uphold high moral and spiritual values

    Family members spend a great deal of their time away from each other at work, at school or at other places outside the home. They often spend limited time together and may seldom indulge in common activities that foster togetherness and emotional interaction.

    Different members of the family will have their own, often conflicting, interests. Dad is probably fully immersed in his career, his mind preoccupied with money matters, and the golf course may be his only sanctuary for relaxation. Mum has to worry about running the household and a new recipe for dessert may be the only excitement in her day. The kids, on the other hand, don't understand what the fuss is all about when there are such wonderful things as games, comics, hobbies, movies and television to keep them occupied.

    Various group activities can help to bring and keep the family together. Having meals together, watching TV together, going for movies together, and going for picnics and holidays together can contribute towards maintaining the family unit. The Internet can also play a role in this area. There are ample facilities available on the Net to enable family members to share and discuss their interests and excitements with one another. It is tempting to envisage Dad and Mum, together with the kids, sitting in front of the monitor engrossed in the infinite reservoir of material available on the Web.

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